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There is a sitting area, a dining area and a kitchen equipped with an oven. Julian's is 15 miles from Ta Cenc, and Sliema is 16 miles from the property.A flat-screen TV with cable channels and DVD player is featured. The nearest airport is Malta International Airport, 17 miles from Ta Cenc.For on demand streaming, when playback begins, you'll see the following log statement to indicate that the session is encrypted: It's best to get unencrypted live or on demand streaming using MPEG-DASH streaming working first by following one of our Tutorials.After you have this working, then you can follow these instructions to protect the stream.

If the stream is Play Ready-encrypted, when you look at any audio or video Adaption Set, you should see a Similar to the key files described above, MPEG-DASH streams can be protected using key data passed to Wowza Streaming Engine using the server-side API.

For example, if you want to protect the live stream my Stream, you would create a key file with the following path: The naming is similar for live and on demand MPEG-DASH adaptive bitrate streams referenced in SMIL files.

For example, if you want to protect all of the streams in an adaptive group defined in the SMIL file sample.smil, you would create a key file with the following path: In this case, all of the streams in the adaptive group will be encrypted with the same key.

Wowza Streaming Engine™ software can protect on demand and live MPEG-DASH streams using the Common Encryption (CENC) standard.

Since CENC is DRM system-agnostic, it allows the same CENC-encrypted content to be decrypted and played by any client device that interfaces with a DRM system that can serve the associated CENC key information.

Many of the descriptions in this article assume a familiarity with Common Encryption and DRM technologies.