Petite women for dating

01-Jul-2020 22:12

, not over 170cm or 64kg, I only go out with women whose hair is black or brown or blonde or grey or red or dyed some weird color.

I am a citizen of the United Kingdom but live and work in the Czech Republic.

You can definitely tell someone’s figure more than their height from a photo.

To tell height, you usually need them to be in a group photo for comparison.

‘Luckily I found a lovely person who is my height but always wears heels so may as well be taller than me, so it’s never bothered me.

‘All that bothered me was being discounted over something so meaningless ‘Anyway being smaller just means I’m harder to push over.’ Something that came out of all this height chat is that many women don’t want to be taller than their male date, but don’t know why.

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‘It did start to give me a bit of a complex after a while but once I quit dating apps it went away.‘Saying that you’re asking because you only date tall guys can sound quite rude.‘How about, “You look rather tall in your pictures, let me guess…5’11 right?? ‘You’ve got to be smooth about it.’ The key is also what you do with the height information when you have it.‘I would not be offended if a man asked me how tall I was on Tinder, so I don’t think men should also be offended.’ Lisa makes a good point that it all depends how you broach the height topic.

‘There are good and bad ways to ask,’ she tells us.‘It’s definitely not the same thing,’ says Sarah, 33.

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