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17-Mar-2020 15:19

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As though that wasn’t enough, parents in Dagoretti plot how to solicit funds from foreign donors in order to educate their children.

As expected, the “donors” will occasionally want to visit their beneficiaries and there’s no telling what happens during such encounters.

Located just west of the city of Nairobi, the Dagoretti area is showing acute characteristics of a population ravaged by poverty, crime, high population growth and the collapse of traditional taboos due to urbanization.

Across the world, incest is associated with broken homes, worsened by alcoholism, drug abuse, joblessness and abuse spanning several generations.

“If my friend tells me that he slept with his sister, I wouldn’t be surprised because this is Dago,” adds Mwaura. So prevalent is the curse of incest that Dagoretti’s notoriety has spread far and wide.

Many people are reluctant to marry from this area for fear of what they will discover about their partners. Single parenthood in Dagoretti is at alarming levels, and children from such households suffer increased rates of abuse from parents or persons dating their parents.

“When people in Dagoretti discover that the girl next door is having sex with her father, nobody makes a big deal out of it because its a common occurence,” says Mwaura, a young man born and bred in the area.

‘I can’t let my son continue suffering like this, I must do something as his mother,’ the woman is quoted as saying. If this woman really wanted to help her son, why didn’t she just go to the nearest pub and get a commercial sex worker?

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