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Even though this manager has likely never met the parent or her kids, she may override your recommendation and take what she believes to be the safer course of action. But her mother, believing it was best to comply, picked up Camron and then Leslie and gave them to the women, both kids wailing, and the women took them away. Her father was a drunk, who beat her and her mother.One time he nearly killed them, trying to run their car off the road as they fled from him on the Belt Parkway.You may be shocked by the living conditions you encounter, but you’re not allowed to remove children solely because of poverty—if, for instance, there’s no food in the kitchen because the parent’s food stamps have run out—only for “imminent risk” due to abuse or neglect.But it’s often difficult to draw a line between poverty and neglect.If the children ask you where they’re going next, or when they’ll go home, or if they’ll stay together with their brothers and sisters, you can’t answer them, because you don’t know. (To protect her kids’ privacy, Mercedes provided pseudonyms.) She plugged in her curling iron, because she was planning to curl and wrap her hair while they were in the tub.

She will interview you and your kids separately, so you can’t hear what she’s asking them or what they’re saying.And, after your children see that you are powerless to protect them, this will permanently change things between you.