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But having three majors and four minors is what we call Toys-R-Us syndrome. Start your career and start navigating the Denver/Colorado job market as soon as possible. The Tinder Wolf often uses a profile picture of himself and a hotter friend so you can’t tell which person he is.The Tinder Wolf is not so much a predator, just someone looking for love in the wrong place – on Tinder.Sports Guy will take you to the best games in town, in exchange for you pretending to care about the outcome.It’s a small price to pay, and hey, his competitive nature will be a positive in the bedroom. Who” references before dating a Coffeehouse Hipster.He will never love you as much as he loves his Warby Parker glasses.

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Always quite intelligent and an artist type, a Crust Punk uses social media very well, but mostly ironically.He has the best car, the best job, the best life, and he goes to all the best events in Denver. Everything seems perfect from the outside but the Socialite is hiding a deep, dark secret.

Some members even brought up the last FIU fraternity exposed over lewd and illegal private chat — Pi Kappa Alpha, or “pike.” The frat was suspended for five years in 2013 after a leaked cache of screenshots exposed conversations about buying drugs, sharing women’s nude images without their permission and boasts about hazing. “So basically we can do everything pike did as long as its not on any chat,” one member wrote.… continue reading »

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