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25-Jun-2020 02:06

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There was no consultation.'A mother was stunned after her 13-year-old son was punished for wearing the wrong sort of black shoes on his first day back at school.

'I presume all female Priory teachers will now also be banned from wearing skirts on gender neutral grounds (which would also be absurd) - or is it one rule for them and another for the students?William Hicks became famous for his gripping account of Trafalgar which told how, as a 17-year-old midshipman on HMS Conqueror, he helped British forces crush France and Spain in 1805 to end the threat of an invasion by Napoleon.It went on display today at the National Maritime Museum in London on the anniversary of the battle off the Spanish coast.Tony Smith, head teacher at the school, said the decision was made in response to comments from parents and the community – including concerns that the skirts were being rolled up and worn in a way that promoted the 'sexualisation of young women'.

He said the trans issue was only a 'secondary' reason for the change.'It is a ridiculous uniform policy, utterly ludicrous.