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As tends to happen when hormone-­addled teens are thrown together in a high school (real or fictional), alliances began to form. I do remember Shannen just kind of going, like, “You’ve got to be kidding.” She didn’t realize it was a comedy, or maybe know what a dark comedy meant. FALK People would laugh at things that you didn’t think were that funny. didn’t have patience for any of those people, either. She seemed to not have any interest in me, so I just kept my distance. There were a couple of times where we tried to go out, but there was always some sort of drama. Then I do remember, like, making out with him a few times after he broke up with Kim. WATERS It’s embarrassing, because I stole a lot of my lines. ” And I wonder if it was partly to do with the fact that, you know, I I could. The script’s acidic dialogue was sometimes a challenge for the young cast—­especially Doherty, whose conservative upbringing didn’t mix well with lines about, for example, figurative power-tool intercourse.But there’s a whole other wing of the high school they weren’t going into — the dark, Stephen King wing that nobody wanted to look at. It was the first time a lot of people lost their dark humor virginity. Di Novi, Waters, and Lehmann organized an informal read-through of the script with Dana Delany as Veronica and a certain soon-to-be screen legend—then just a teenage n­obody in an acting class—as J. DANIEL WATERS After the reading was over, the pimply faced, blond Brad Pitt came up to me and said, “Hey, man, I know I’m not anybody. I referred to her as a female Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver. FALK If they said they were doing a sequel, I’d say, “Tell me when and where, I’ll be there.It’s hard to even remember now that going back then, there were so many television shows and documentaries about the horror of teen suicide that just made it so attractive to commit suicide because you got all this love and adulation. It seemed like I was the only one noticing the humor in it. But for what it’s worth, that was brilliant.” CASTING When casting began, Jennifer Connelly and Justine Bateman both rejected the role of Veronica. And suddenly you’re rewriting with Winona in mind, and Veronica becomes more of an audience surrogate. No questions asked.” DOHERTY I would love to see a treatment or script about what a sequel would be. LEHMANN The casting directors brought in actresses who were good-looking but slightly chubby. I don’t think it ever dawned on me to track the movie’s business. I mean, I get that it’s a special movie, and the pressure of a sequel, and it’s a moment in time that you can’t recapture.

That's a lot of effort to make our bodies smell delicious.

I think she actually came in hoping we’d think she was so good that we’d just give her the Veronica role. WATERS Shannen’s mother [Rosa] kept throwing the star of this TV show.” She was very ambitious. LISANNE FALK I said I was 18 or 19 in the audition. ” And they all were like, [] The filmmakers struggled to cast Martha Dunnstock, a.k.a. My name’s not Heather.” FILMING With a slim million budget, the filmmakers had just 33 shooting days. A.; sets for Veronica’s and Heather Mc Namara’s ­bedrooms were built in the gymnasium. RYDER I didn’t even really know that it didn’t do well, to be honest. It just reminds me of a wonderful time in an actor’s life when all that mattered is that you were really good in a movie. I don’t know if the movie was offered to me, but they inquired to me about directing it. There’s almost too much high school stuff going on.

She’s willing to read the Heather Duke part, but she just wants you to know that’s not the part she wants.” She was amazing in the reading. LEHMANN She had a television career, and she was a really talented actress, but a bit of a handful. She kept her age quiet until she was cast as the impressionable Heather Mc Namara. I was Martha Dumptruck, in real life, growing up in Beverly Hills. [] WATERS The ending I should’ve fought harder for is where Martha Dumptruck pulls out a knife, stabs Veronica, and says, “F— you, Heather.” And Veronica’s on the ground laughing, with a knife in her stomach, saying, “My name’s not Heather. Then I watched it again, and I was like, “Wait, this is really good and cutting-edge.” RELEASE AND LEGACY myself for the ­second week. LEHMANN The movie didn’t do a lot of box office, but it did stay in the theaters for a while. WATERS I made more money writing a treatment for for the Disney Channel that never happened. WATERS I think I did elevate the [teen movie] genre, but there came a point where in every high school thing people were talking above their IQ level, and it got a little grating. I feel like it’s the one experience everyone knows.

It was so dark and so funny, and maybe a little over my head.

DI NOVI I don’t think [Shannen] at the time quite got what was, and that actually worked for us. DOHERTY The first time I saw the movie I was definitely a little bit in shock.

I remember leaving the audition and feeling like, “Oh God, I really blew it.” I threw the script in the garbage angrily. LEHMANN I really wanted to cast Heather Graham [as Heather Chandler], and her parents wouldn’t let her do it. I even talked to Heather’s mother at great length to convince her we weren’t tools of Satan, and she would have nothing of it. LEHMANN When Shannen came in, [our casting directors] pulled me aside and said, “This girl is really good, but she wants Veronica.” And I said, “We’ve already cast Winona.” And they said, “She knows that. Originally they wanted me to audition for Heather Chandler. I loved the fact that she started out weak in the group. And then she became — their term — a “megabitch.” I loved that. Going blonde would’ve destroyed my hair, so we all settled on me as a redhead. I was worried about social responsibility and what we were saying. I think , but it’s closer to the John Hughes world. But I feel like even back in the day, movies about doctors and lawyers and journalists would be much more nuts and bolts about their job. All TV shows about doctors and lawyers are the high school template put in a job setting.

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