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But those same apps are used by hundreds of millions of people each day, with the technology also keeping messages safe from the view of hackers and other malicious agents.The government supports the use of strong encryption and does not want to ban end-to-end encryption, Ms Rudd says.The maximum number of people you can have in a Whats App group chat has increased to 256, rather than 100 as it was before.

"I know some will argue that it's impossible to have both – that if a system is end-to-end encrypted then it's impossible ever to access the communication," she wrote in a piece for . But the reality is very different." She went on to write that people didn't really want encrypted messaging apps anyway, and that they would prefer to use software with more features.

"Real people often prefer ease of use and a multitude of features to perfect, unbreakable security.

So this is not about asking the companies to break encryption and create so called 'back doors'," she wrote.

"Real people" aren't really interested in security features that stop the government and criminals reading their messages, according to Home Secretary Amber Rudd.

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The Government should be allowed to look at people's messages and break through the security that keeps them hidden, she has written.

"Amber Rudd must be absolutely clear on what co-operation she expects from Internet companies.

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