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In some places it has not hard to find tea served with scones and muffins. Many upper class Indians send their children to exclusive boarding schools in Britain and hope they can get into Oxford or Cambridge and seek knighthoods for themselves. Deepak Mehta posted on “We treat our guests with utmost respect and hospitality: Atithi Devo Bhavah ( English: 'The guest is God' or 'Guest become God') is a motto that almost all Indians follow with utmost dedication and compassion.

Even the poorest of the poor treat their guests to all kinds of luxuries.” [Source: Deepak Mehta,, March 28, 2013] Phil Reeve wrote in the Independent, “Few places are as hospitable as India.

People will say "yes" even when the answer is no so as not to upset you. Sometimes certain kinds of yeses actually men “no.” Public displays of affection are frowned upon. It has traditionally been considered respectful for men and women to maintain a distance of one meter from one another. Many foreigners think they are going “no.” The twisted head gesture has many purposes. It is much more polite to ask someone to move than to step over them.

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Sometimes poor families offer extraordinarily nice meals.

Westernized Indian females often shake hands with one another and with foreign visitors. Indians generally don't shake hands with or even touch members of opposite sex. In Bombay you can young people that greet each at nightclubs with kisses on the cheek and even scandalous kisses on the lips.

But many Indians find such behavior to be shocking.

As a rule Indians are not that big on touching one another, especially people they don’t know well.

In some formal situations—at welcoming ceremonies for VIPs, important events—visitors are welcomed with garlands of marigolds or other flowers draped around their neck.Muslims shake hands and say "." Sometimes they follow the handshake by touching their forehand or heart or both.