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Islamic Period to the 16th Century The Arab conquest of Central Asia lasted almost a hundred years, from the mid-600s to the 740s, and it was accompanied by the installation of Islam as the dominant religion of the conquered territories.

Despite Arab literature form this period that repeatedly mentioned Jews from this region who converted to Islam, the majority of the Jewish population remained faithful to the religion of their ancestors, becoming virtually the sole confessional group in the region that preserved its pre-Islamic faith.

Questions of a religious nature were decided by a rabbi. Author and co-author of 16 books - “Coronary insufficiency in young” (1975), “Rehabilitation of patients with coronary artery disease” (co-authored with Shhvartsbaya, 1978), “Treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis” (2000), “Functional tests in Cardiology” (2002) , etc.

In the more widespread activities of the Jews, resides trading, concerns dyeing fabric and leather-making activities: the production of enchased objects. The author of 4 scientific films: “Heart under protection”, “How to be healthy after a myocardial infarction. President of the Russian Society of cardiac rehabilitation.

Muslim law considered Jews a “People of the Book” and permitted them to hold on to their religion under Muslim rule, under condition of paying a higher tax and observing certain restrictive measures. ARONOV, ILYA RAKHMINOVICH (1944, Tashkent – 2007, New York).

Jews were required to wear distinctive clothing; synagogues could not be built higher than mos-ques, etc.

Their native language is Judeo-Tajik, which at times has been known as “local-Jewish”, Yahudi, Bukhori, and sometimes considered a dialect of Tajik or Judeo-Persian languages. These references contain last and first names, dates and places of birth and death and the information on their occupation. This book is addressed to a wide circle of readers. ARONOVA, ELIZAVETA RIBIEVNA (1912 – 1983, Tashkent).

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