Capistrano error validating server certificate

30-Mar-2020 08:04

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The Studio log will have series of exceptions on similar lines: ! Secure Preferences Password(Secure Preferences at (Build [ERROR] Failed to save the signed-in user ! Secure Preferences.put(Secure at Secure Preferences Wrapper.put(Secure Preferences at com.appcelerator.Titanium User Signed In User(Titanium User at com.appcelerator.IDEWorkbench Window Window Open(IDEWorkbench Window at org.internal. I’d suggest putting the path to the shared directory in an environment variable or config file (however you do this usually for your app per environment), and then just append the relevant filename on to it.Also, remember to validate the requested filename (I use a whitelist of filenames to be sure), to avoid the possibility of malicious requests getting sent private files they shouldn’t from elsewhere on disk.Rails 4.2.9 works well with Ruby 2.4.2 except for an incompatible change with invalid decimal values and String#to_d.

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This might seem inconsistent (and it is), but the reason is due to limitations/security restrictions with X-Sendfile. Oh but wait, that will tie up our expensive/heavy ruby processes sending files. The good news is we can hand this work off to our lightweight Apache/nginx processes.In your rails app in add: In development you probably don’t need this since you won’t be using a server that supports x_sendfile.Without this config, rails will just read the file on disk and send it itself.If you’re using docker or similar, you might want to bake the files into the images, if there aren’t too huge.

Assuming you’ve got a more classic style of deploy though.. Using Rsync we can ensure we minimise time / data sending files using binary diffs.This price gives you a limited setup (no custom plugins), but that was OK as their Jet Pack plugin provided anti-spam for comments and a form plugin to make a contact form. Alas, the import was very slow eventually imported only 50% of my media (about 40mb of 80mb).