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19-Jun-2020 14:12

It works on the DNA, which is contained in all living cells. Cancer cells harm us because they continue to divide without stopping.

The energy from radiation machines is so strong that it can damage the DNA in cancer cells, causing them to die or making them unable to divide.

When cancer has spread beyond the prostate, complete removal of the prostate or destruction of cancer tissue by radiation or cryosurgery is uncommon.

For stage T3 and T4 prostate cancer, studies show that combining ADT with radiation can improve survival.

Active treatment, such as surgery or radiation therapy, does not occur unless there is evidence that the cancer is growing.

Active surveillance is considered appropriate for some men with very low- or low-risk prostate cancer.

As with the laparoscopic procedure described above, this operation also begins by inserting a needle into the abdomen to inflate it with carbon dioxide thereby separating the abdominal wall from the organs and providing the space necessary to perform the surgery.

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The goal of all invasive options is to remove or destroy cancer cells before they can spread to other tissues in the body.This allows the surgeon access to feel the prostate, surrounding tissues, and the pelvic lymph nodes, which can help the surgeon decide if a nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy is the best option based on the extent of the cancer.If all areas feel smooth, the nerves can be saved because they probably are not cancerous.However, if the surgeon feels a lump, hardness, or any other abnormality near the nerve, the safest approach is to remove one or both nerves.

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There is no completely accurate way to confirm whether or not cancer is present in a pelvic nerve unless the nerve is removed and analyzed by a pathologist.

The term most commonly used for this treatment is called androgen deprivation therapy or ADT.

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