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16-Sep-2020 02:33

Woodson’s poetry also reflects the joy of finding her voice through writing stories, despite the fact that she struggled with reading as a child.

Touching and powerful, each poem is both accessible and emotionally charged, each line a glimpse into a child’s soul as she searches for her place in the world.The Hot Girl by Dream Jordan: Kate, a fourteen-year-old Brooklyn girl and former gang member, risks losing her first good foster family when she adopts the risqué ways of her flirtatious new friend, Naleejah.The Kayla Chronicles by Sherri Winston: At the urging of her pushy best friend, Kayla overcomes her reticence and tries out for the school dance team in order to expose their suspected discrimination, but when she unexpectedly makes the team–and even begins to enjoy performing–she finds her assumptions, and her sense of herself, challenged.All are YA books featuring black girls front and center and they include fiction and some non-fiction.

A couple of these titles also fall into that crossover category, so while they may technically be “adult” reads, they have great appeal to teens. brown girl dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson: Raised in South Carolina and New York, Woodson always felt halfway home in each place.Nothing But Drama by Re Shonda Tate Billingsley: Four teenaged girls from different backgrounds find faith and friendship after joining Good Girlz, an afterschool church youth group. For centuries Love and Death have chosen their players. Could there ever be one time, one place, one pair whose love would truly tip the balance?

The caseworker has sixty days to investigate the charges against you. While the court case is proceeding, you may be asked to submit to drug testing or a mental-health evaluation, to attend parenting classes or anger-management classes or domestic-violence classes and some kind of therapy.… continue reading »

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