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The complainant explains which words, gestures, signs or the images that are used online were offensive or threat to the nation or someone’s life.” Once the FIR is filed, the case goes to cyber cell for further investigation.

Therefore the entire investigation is at the mercy of the service providers who may or may not provide details.Pawar says: “Then the person is booked under the related sections of the Indian Penal Code which is like a bible for us.We follow the rules and procedures mentioned in it thoroughly. We look at the way the word is used or it is perceived or may be the history of the conversation and whether it really has some intent to instigate any animosity or problem in the community or nation.2) Anything defamatory which affects the character, reputation, standing or goodwill of a person could also be deemed to be grossly offensive.

3) Making false allegations against the character of a person or character assassination could also qualify as grossly offensive and having menacing character.In this write up, we try to provide some guidelines on how the law is implemented, and how to be safe. has cited 17 points that may get you booked under Section 66A of the amended Indian Information Technology Act, 2000. 1) If you swear or abuse somebody, the swear words could be said to be grossly offensive.