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21-May-2020 08:30

Whoopi Goldberg, Ray Liotta, and newcomer Tina Magorino make this unlikely but purportedly autobiographical tale much more entertaining that it has any right to be.In a reprise of her real-life cross-racial relationship with Ted Danson, Whoopi Goldberg stars "Corrina, Corrina" as the yin to Ray Liotta's yang.As the film has been made it seems like an unbelievable love affair, leaving the viewer skeptical instead of hopeful.With the mechanism of the child supported by Majorino's entertaining portrayal, the film might provoke little kids to consider the subject of race.He plays the recently widowed Manny Singer who is busily trying to piece his life back together after his wife's death.Symbolic of the glazed-over, plastic, "Leave It to Beaver"-esque tone of this film, Manny Singer writes the music and lyrics for toy company advertisements.But it ultimately leaves an insincere and unrealistic view for children to consider.

Tina Majorino is the only actor who really shines in this movie, and it will be to her credit if the movie succeeds in the box office.

As Molly Singer, she misses her mother desperately but finds a quick affection for Corrina, the only person who is able to bring her out of her self-imposed muteness.

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