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20-Jul-2020 03:38

When it comes to dating, Huang’s learned that kids can be overwhelming to potential suitors.

“I give them a chance to get to know me before they have to deal with that,” she says.

But remember: Overnight dates should always take place elsewhere.

Eric Peterson of Oakland, Calif., is newly separated. He doesn’t want to expose his young son to an unstable environment. Is he mean, or are they jealous of your relationship? “A child who used to sleep fine waking with nightmares.

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When her daughters were younger, she only went out when they were at grandma’s for the weekend. As youngsters, the girls grew close to a beau of mom’s. They want to know the details of the date, including the physical stuff. Unlike Sarah, she probably wouldn’t mention her two kids, who are 12 and 15.“How would I balance the challenges of raising a healthy and happy little girl with the chaotic, emotionally charged world of dating? She learned what the experts say about putting your child first and getting a tribe for support and childcare. And, while a conservative therapist may suggest waiting until the kids are out of the house, more and more single parents are choosing to date with caution, and date now. Give me a break,” says Rona Renner, a registered nurse and host of Childhood Matters, a California radio show for parents.